Elliott is an 11-year-old from Somerset who was diagnosed with brain cancer. He spent 9 months getting better, and now struggles with his mobility, meaning running, jumping and being active is difficult, and he cannot move in the way he used to. Another consequence of his illness, and recovery, is that Elliott has missed out on a lot of school.

    By chance, the Vice Principal at Preston School, where Elliott attends, Helen Cullen, heard about AV1 and felt it could help several of the children at her school. Since his treatment, Elliott has been using it to help reintegrate into his school life.

    “I can watch the lesson, ask a question, or just talk to my friends and whatever.”

    Elliot enjoys the robot for the social side too, as it helps normalise how he experiences his day to day life. For him, AV1 has proved to be a solution that means he doesn’t miss out on his learning and also gets to see his mates. The social aspect is of vital importance, and is what makes it harder to return to class.

    Preston School in Somerset started using the robots because Helen was growing more and more frustrated that one child with cancer had no option but to miss out on a year of teaching. “Once people see AV1, you can’t argue it’s not valuable and it’s not having a valuable effect on children’s lives.”

    She adds: “the number of medical conditions that keep children off school for a long period of time is huge.” The school currently has two robots in use but would like more. She carried on to say that at her school alone, there were four other children who could benefit from AV1 and would be eager to use the robot once Elliot is fully recovered and back in school.