KOMP wins AAL & Nesta's Smart Ageing Prize

AAL and Nesta’s Smart Ageing prize is a competition that identifies and highlights the most promising solutions in Europe using IT to enable active aging.

The main theme for 2018 was products and services that use new, digital technology to help seniors to fully participate in their own social lives. The prize is a cooperation between Nestas challenge prize centre and Active & Assistive Living (AAL). AAL is financed by the European Commision through Horizon 2020, the biggest research and innovation program in the EU.

KOMP is a one button screen that allows seniors to receive pictures, messages and video calls from their friends and family. In October 2018 KOMP won the first prize and € 35,000.

"This means a lot to us. We know that KOMP is something many families need. And to receive this prize is huge, both as an acknowledgement of our work and what the product does, and as a tool for us to continue raising awareness of the product."

“Now we can continue our work with making KOMP available all across Europe, and make sure that even more families get to experience how KOMP adds value to daily lives, and connects generations." – Karen Dolva, CEO of No Isolation

“We were looking for ideas that could really enhance the quality of someone’s social life – whether that be from their home or supporting them to get out and about. We have seen an incredible breadth of ideas and the most powerful ones were the simplest and user-friendly – ideas that focused on connecting people and the world around them and we hope the Prize will allow the innovators to connect more of our ageing population, across the globe.” – Constance Agyeman, Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre