We use Segment to integrate the services mentioned in this section. These track the actions visitors take on our website. Some examples of how this tracking is done is that we can see which page visitors decide to contact us from, or where the visitor is when they decide to leave our homepage. The data is used to improve our website. No Isolation can not identify you as visitor by using the data provided by Segment.

Google Analytics

We collect anonymous statistics on how our website is used, so that we know when we should change parts of our website.

Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook Pixel to target communication on Facebook based on the use of our homepage. This enables us have more relevant communication with our visitors. 


We use FullStory to see how our visitors move through our website. This allows us to uncover potential errors on our homepage and make necessary improvements.


We use this to handle potential sales.

Craft CMS

This is our content management system.