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About AV1 and privacy

The students safety is critical in the classroom. In order for the AV1 users, classmates and teachers to get the most out of AV1, it is essential that everyone feels safe when using the robot.

One user

Only one child or young adult can use AV1 at a time. The user creates his or hers own password to log on to AV1, and has to confirm that only one (s)he knows the password. Marius Aabel, CTO of No Isolation, explains:

It is important that everyone who has an AV1 in their classroom are entirely sure of who the user on the other side is. There should never be any doubt of who is connected to the robot. Therefore, the user must enter the password every time the robot will be in use.” 

In addition, the student's guardians must sign that only the child/young adult will be using AV1. If a guardian would log on to AV1, it would be a breach of contract.

Only real-time

It is only possible to use AV1 in real-time. This means that it is not possible to record or save any data. All streamed data is thoroughly encrypted. No external party will be able to access the information sent between the user and its robot. We stream the information through a closed tunnel that is encrypted at both ends. To participate and interact, one has to be present either in front of the robot or in front of the device.

Nothing is stored

No data is sent openly between our servers. Neither No Isolation nor anyone else can access the streamed information between the child and its robot.

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AV1 and Personal Data Act

Under the development of AV1, No Isolation has cooperated and consulted with teachers, parents, lawyers, organisations, hospitals, the PPT, and The Norwegian Data Protection Authority. In retrospect, they have received a legal assessment of AV1 in the context of the (Norwegian) Personal Data Act. This assessment concludes that the use of the robot is not in conflict with applicable law. The legal assessment was conducted by Steenstrup Stordrange lawyers. They conclude that:

The application works so that it does not store images or sound. Furthermore, only the Child will be able to log on to use the Product. This objective is a purely personal or private objective. Therefore, the Personal Data Act does not apply to this Product. The use of the Product will not violate the Personal Data Act and hence is legal.

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