There will most likely be other children in the future who need to use such a robot. It is a very important contribution to our school.

Principal at Maja's school

Maja and her AV1

When Maja (11) was 3 years old she was diagnosed with cancer. Due to treatment and hospital stays she is absent from school for prolonged periods of time. Recently, her elementary school invested in an AV1. The robot is Maja's eyes and ears in the classroom on days she can't be physically present. Now she participates in class, in breaks and on field trips – all from her bed.

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Emil meets the Crown Prince Couple through a robot
Last October Emil met the Norwegian Crown Prince Couple at Oslo Innovation Week through Robot-Emil.

It [Robot-Emil] helps me socially and with school. I also make plans with friends and meet up with them after school.

Emil (15)

Emil and his Robot-Emil

Emil (15) is diagnosed with ME. He has been severely ill for three years and many days he has to stay in bed. Now he has a robot, which he has named Robot-Emil, that helps him socially and with school. – It has been a positive change. I can attend school and at the same time relax. That's nice, Emil says. 

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Marthe I Klasserom 2
Marthe in the classroom.

Now I can take part in class and avoid absence even though I can't leave home.

Marthe (25)

Marthe and her MCAT1

Marthe (25) caught a rare viral disease whilst in Kenya, and has been chronically ill for 5 years. She lives with chronic nerve pain, and is quickly exhausted. Some days she goes to school, other days she partakes in classes through MCAT1, which is the name Marthe has given her robot. – If I don't want to participate actively, but feel like observing, the robot lights up and so the teacher knows. And when I rise my hand a light on the top of MCAT1's head blinks, Marthe explains.

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Gutt i klasserommet med AV1
Eirik and his AV1 in the classroom.

Many children who are absent from school and friends for extended periods due to illness, experience loneliness, and may face challenges when returning to their everyday lives. The robot corresponds well to this problem.

Minister of Health and Care Services in Norway, Bent Høie

Eirik and his AV1

Eirik (9) has celebral palsy (CP) and three times a year he is absent from school due to training, 2-3 weeks at a time. From his tablet Eirik sees, hears and talks to his classmates when he is at the training center. Eirik's friends think the robot is really cool.

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AV1 at Fjuken school
Emma shows what the screen on her phone looks like when she uses AV1.

The robot gave Emma a new everyday life.

Mother of Emma (10)

Emma and her AV1

When Emma (10) got acute kidney failure her immune system was severely weakened, and she couldn’t start in 5th grade. However, Emma follows classes from the screen on her phone, through a robot standing on her desk in the classroom. With her finger Emma controls the robot by an app. She rotates the robot sideways, and up and down. Often her friends bring the robot outside during breaks in order for Emma to see what is happening in the schoolyard. Emma really likes that she can talk to her classmates during breaks.

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Lina at home doing homework.

I’m a lot more engaged in what is happening at school.

Lina (14)

Lina (14) and her AV1

Lina (14) is diagnosed with ME and is frequently away from school. However, after she got AV1 she is present in the classroom, also on days she is not physically present herself. – I participate in many more classes now, than what I did before. And I’m a lot more engaged in what is happening at school, Lina explains. 

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