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A Norwegian startup

No Isolation was founded in Norway in October 2015 with a single purpose: To reduce involuntary social isolation. 

Our first goal is to reduce loneliness amongst children suffering from long-term illness. We have created AV1, the world’s first communication robot that allows kids to partake in their daily life – despite their illness. 

AV1 was launched in Norway in September 2016. Today the robot is in use in Norway, Sweden, Denmark the Netherlands and the UK. Our current project is to develop technological solutions for seniors.

Read about AV1

Our mission

Across borders and generations communication technology bring people together. No Isolation’s mission is to help those who are not benefiting from communication technology today – benefit tomorrow.

Technological solutions are mostly created for those moving fast, in order for them to move even faster. Why are we not creating technology for those who can benefit the most? Many are unable to keep up with, or do not need, the latest cool new tech. Our mission is to develop niche products that are just as sleek and functional for the end user, as the generic products are for the mass markets. 

How we work

User experience design is the very foundation of how we work. We identify the problems and test our products with the users. We talk with the users, and we learn from the users. To us, design is about solving problems.

Onboard the No Isolation team we have four talented User Experience (UX) Designers.

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We identify the problems and test our products with the users.

The No Isolation team
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