Forskning – social isolation og ensomhed

Ensomhed er et samfunds- og folkesundhedsproblem, der rammer alle, uanset alder, demografi, nationalitet og uddannelse. Der forskes og gøres stadig fremskridt i emnet. På denne side samler vi forskning og information om social isolation og ensomhed, som gør det let for dig at holde dig opdateret på emnet.

Why do many seniors have trouble using technology?

Most technology designed for communication relies on the ability to see, hear and read, meaning due to health conditions, a significant chunk of society are missing out on communication opportunities.

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Consequences of social isolation for children and adolescents
How does social isolation affect a child’s mental health and development?

The impact of AV1 on children with long-term illness and absence

School absence resulting from illness is a problem with major educational and social consequences. The absence is correlated with grade retention, achievement gaps, and dropout rates.

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