Loneliness is a societal and public health issue that can affect everyone, regardless of age, demographics or education. Here, we gather research and information on loneliness and social isolation, making it easier for you to educate yourself on the topic.

All the lonely people | Karen Dolva | TEDxArendal

Karen Dolva, co-founder of No Isolation talks about her experience with loneliness, and the issue of loneliness as a whole.

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How does social isolation affect a child’s mental health and development?
The Invisible Children

The impact of AV1 on children with long-term illness and absence

School absence resulting from illness is a problem with major educational and social consequences. The absence is correlated with grade retention, achievement gaps, and dropout rates.

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The prevalence of long-term illness in school-aged children
Consequences of social isolation for children and adolescents

The impact of KOMP on seniors’ levels of loneliness and well-being

A meta-analysis of studies looking at the effect of information and communication technology (ICT) in reducing loneliness and social isolation, conclude that communication technology increases both the quality and quantity of contact between seniors and their loved ones.

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Emotionally based school avoiders, and how they've been using AV1