AV1 for Academy Schools and MATs

AV1 robots provide a rounded educational and social experience for absent students.

An AV1 robot being carried between lessons in a secondary school

Persistent absence is a growing problem, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. A familiar school routine is vital to wellbeing and educational outcomes. But this is not possible for every student, and that’s where AV1 comes in.

Some use AV1 just 1 day a week and some 5. This varies from children in post operation or requiring medical treatment, to anxiety or school refusal, where a graduated, step-by step return has helped pupils back into school.

– Eleanor Webber, Lead SENCO at The Bridgwater and Taunton College Trust
AV1 classroom robot

How does it work?

From home, hospital, or even another room at school, the student participates in class through AV1.

The AV1 robot has a camera, microphone and speaker. It sits on the students desk, and through an app they can see, hear and speak through it. They can turn it to view every corner of the classroom, and raise their hand if they want to ask or answer a question. The interaction gives a feeling of really being there.

(Privacy and safeguarding concerns? We cover that here).

A blue light on its head indicates ‘passive mode’ – when the student is not up to participating. This means they can join the class on their terms, even when unwell.

You can take the AV1 robot anywhere: classrooms, playgrounds, school trips. All it needs is an internet connection – either WiFi or an included 4G sim. This enables small everyday interactions and check-ins that go beyond simply watching a lesson over video.

AV1 helps your Academy School and MAT

  • Support education and safeguarding of all pupils
  • Intervene early and avoid costly escalation of needs
  • Deliver on your forward-thinking, inclusive values
  • Attract the best staff and teachers
  • Attract new schools, staff and teachers
  • Demonstrate positive outcomes for students and families

The social, emotional and mental health benefits were beyond any expectations, and he is his old self: funny, goofy, and smart. I would absolutely recommend it. Our user, due to his illness, had spent almost one year in total isolation, so using AV1 was literally the end of his isolation.

– Mihaela Chowdhury, Class Teacher at Hornbeam Academy

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