An AV1 robot is in the centre of a group of desks in a classroom with six children all reading. The AV1s head is tilted down to read a book.


The child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom

For children who miss out on long periods of school, due to factors beyond their control, loneliness and social isolation can be a problem with major educational and social consequences. School isn’t purely about learning and subject matter, it’s the most important social arena in a child’s life. It’s where life-long relationships are formed, and the experiences define who we become.

AV1 makes sure no classes, break times or conversations with friends are missed.

The AV1 robot facing forward with a plain white background. Its eyes are in the 'happy' mode.

AV1 supports a smooth reintegration back into school. Following a period of absence, students can return feeling more confident in themselves both socially and academically. As a result, AV1 has the ability to improve school attendance rates and showcases the school's commitment towards inclusion.

The robots aided reintegration by enabling children and young people to have a consistent link to their classroom and their teacher.

– Department for Education (DfE), Alternative Provision Innovation Project with 90 AV1s, May 2021

AV1 explained

AV1 is placed on a desk in the classroom, while the child is at home using their device (either a smartphone or tablet). The child can see, hear and be heard in the lesson as AV1 has a camera, microphone and speaker built in. From home, the child controls their AV1, turning its camera to view every corner of the classroom and interact with their teacher and other students.

This enables them to participate as if they were physically present. One of the things that sets AV1 apart from other tools for remote learning, is it can also be carried between classes and outside, so they don’t miss any part of school life. It comes with an integrated 4G sim card, meaning it can be taken out into the playground, on school trips, or even home for birthday parties!

Privacy and safeguarding

We have gone to great lengths to make sure that AV1 is safe and secure in the classroom, for the teacher, the student using it and the students in class.

  • Only the child using the avatar knows the password.
  • Screenshots are forbidden.
  • You cannot record the stream.
  • It is clearly visible when AV1 is active.
  • AV1 is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, GDPR compliant solution with a high level of privacy.
school days were attended in 2020 through AV1 that would otherwise have been missed.

One teacher that participated in the Department for Education’s AV1 project stated:

"At my school, a pupil using AV1 fully returned and has a near perfect attendance record, after having refused to come to school for four months, so that is a great success story. He is now sitting his mock GCSEs and is doing brilliantly."

Information to help you get AV1 into your classroom

As an education provider or parent/carer, you’ve most likely encountered children with prolonged periods of school absence. In this brochure we go in depth on AV1, and cover everything from technical information, implementation and safeguarding for all parties involved.