AV1 telepresence robot for remote learning


Education technology for inclusion – manage persistent absence with telepresence robots

children and young people were estimated to be persistently absent in 2021
Source: No Isolation.

Long term absence puts students at risk of loneliness and social isolation. We research these issues and believe that inclusive technology can solve them.

AV1 is our telepresence robot that ensures no student misses a class, break time or conversation with friends. It is more than remote learning – it is the next best thing to being there in person.

A child or young person might require inclusive distance learning for reasons such as:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Various medical needs
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Epilepsy
  • Mental health (anxiety, EBSA/school refusal – read this case study)
  • And many more.
local authorities provide AV1 to schools/students in their area
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Do you have an AV1?

Our school resources are here to help explain AV1 to others, and for you to get the best experience with it.

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A guide about how to set up and use AV1 in the classroom

AV1 explained

You can take an AV1 avatar or 'robot' anywhere; classrooms, playgrounds, school trips. All it needs is an internet connection – either WiFi or its 4G sim.

Meanwhile, the absent student logs in from their own device (either a smartphone or tablet). They control their AV1.

From home or hospital they can see, hear and speak in lessons as AV1 has a camera, microphone and speaker. They can turn it to view every corner of the classroom, and interact as if they were physically present.

The AV1 robot is a blank slate. Students can name it, decorate it, whatever makes it feel like the person it represents. After the initial introduction, AV1 integrates in the same way as any another classmate.

What our customers say about...

AV1 supports a smooth reintegration back into school.

Following a period of absence, students can return feeling more confident in themselves. They have maintained their education and social connections.

"The robots aided reintegration by enabling children and young people to have a consistent link to their classroom and their teacher."
Teacher that took part in the Department for Education (DfE) Alternative Provision Innovation Project with 90 AV1s, May 2021

The AV1 at Copnor Primary School supported a student shielding since March 2020. The AV1 enabled them to feel part of the class and be vocal during lessons.

"If the student didn’t have access to the AV1 she would be completely cut off from her friends. The AV1 provides her with purpose for the day, and allows her to get the support she needs from a teacher and from her classmates."
– Beth Eddy, Copnor Primary School, Portsmouth

Brixworth CEVC Primary School have used AV1 with three of their pupils over the past two years. These included pupils with medical conditions that impacted on their ability to attend school as well as a pupil who was experiencing debilitating anxiety.

"The connection that AV1 ensured between home and school was invaluable. These pupils enjoyed maintaining their relationships with their peers, accessing learning at a level they could manage."
– Sharon Marsh, Brixworth CEVC Primary, Brixworth
"Without these devices all of the students would have missed valuable teaching time and peer input to their assessment preparation. This is the next best solution to face to face teaching."
– SEND Department, Broadland High Ormiston Academy, Norfolk
"When he started to come back the only thing we noticed was the physical difference because his participation was practically the same.

We started with a blended approach where some days of the week he accessed lessons through the AV1 then we slowly built back up to full time attendance."

– Shelley Mitchell, Attendance and Welfare Officer, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
"AV1 has enabled one of our students to take on another course, that we don’t offer, at a different college.

Another student completing one A level with us has now increased to two because of the access she is getting with the AV1."

– Amy Pope, Additional Learning Support Manager, Strode College, July 2021
"The security of AV1 is a big selling point."

– Jack Jones, Newbridge Junior School, Portsmouth

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