Our partners

A huge thank you to the charities, local authorities and companies we work with to achieve our mission.

Special Effect

A charity using technology - ranging from modified joypads to eye-control - to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with disabilities, by helping them to play video games. We partner with Special Effect on their BubbleBusters project to help children they support gain access to AV1s, including Archie, Fynle and Luuk.

The Chartwell Cancer Trust

A charity that supports cancer patients across Bromley Borough, Lambeth, Southwark and beyond in South East London and Kent. Read about Christopher who, thanks to an AV1 loan through Chartwell, was able to complete his A-Levels and get a place at university.


We joined forces with Vodafone as they do a lot of great work to make technology inclusive for all. They now provide 4G for our products in Europe (outside of Scandinavia).

Somerset County Council

Dorset Council

North Yorkshire County Council

Essex County Council

Angus Council

ACS International Schools

ACS International Schools believe that everyone deserves a decent education. Through their partnerships, grants, scholarships and bursaries programme they extend their reach through powerful collaborations with charities, industry, universities and schools to enhance the education of all children. Their new project with AV1 aims to connect children from all over the globe through a state of the art ‘classroom of the future’, where children can log into a robot and take part in a class with other children from the ACS network. They work with partner schools in Namibia, Nepal, Vietnam, Madagascar and many other countries and hope that they, alongside students from other schools will be able to enjoy lessons from our master teachers, share and speak to children who live in very different cultures and explore the world through technology. Children who do not have access to resources, teachers or school will be able to join and enjoy the thrill of learning online like never before. They also intend to use AV1 for vulnerable children in their network unable to attend school for a variety of reasons, and also to allow some children to attend specific classes not available in their schools. We also have plans to enable teachers from around the world to attend educational conferences, never before available to them due to travel, financial or political constraints. Enhancing the lives of all children – through ACS Partnerships.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

The Trampery (Old Street)